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Stephanie Hasz

Episode 14 - Sonia Denis and Stephanie Hasz

This episode's conversation with Stephanie Hasz and Sonia Denis starts with a discussion of newly-selected GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan, but then descends into talk of cheese curds, horrible spiders, scrubbing toilets without a brush, and ends with a cataloguing of the varieties of sexual aids available on the market. Stephanie really needs to wash her hands more. Sonia will never set foot in Wisconsin. I had dreams of high-minded discourse when I started this podcast. They're all ashes now.

Episode 4 - James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz

In this episode, James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz join me in an attempt to discuss Wall Street, global finance and the Facebook IPO, but relapses into a discussion of the films of 1982, and geographic errors in movies set in Chicago. Other topics include the oeuvre of Chuck Norris and Zac Efron's golden shower.

Episode 3 - Jason Earl Folks and Stephanie Hasz

This week I'm joined by Jason Earl Folks and Stephanie Hasz on the weekend of the NATO summit in Chicago. Topics include mob violence, Jon Lovitz, the Chicago Cubs ownership, and Bigfoot. A whole lotta Bigfoot.