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Stephanie Hasz

Episode 64 - Stephanie Hasz and Mike Lawrence

In the middle of a week of sub-zero temperatures, Mike Lawrence came through Chicago and sat down with Stephanie Hasz to talk about Chris Christie and Bridge-gate and a man who hasn't bathed in 60 years, but then we mostly ended up talking about television shows. A story about Cormac McCarthy's ex-wife descends into a series of vagina-themed jokes. Mike and Stephanie argue about the merits of Star Trek. I trot out my Norm Abram impression from This Old House, and then we defame Full House. Also, Mike was dealing with a faulty microphone, which is why he sounds like he's reporting from inside a bathroom. This is a very silly episode.

Episode 93 - Bill Bullock and Stephanie Hasz

It was a week during which in the wake of yet another gun massacre, President Obama got mad instead of sad, and America spent the week shouting at one another. Also, Volkswagen is poisoning the world, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron really likes pork, and even the possiblity of water on Mars doesn't lift the cloud. Luckily I have two of my favorite and most frequent guests, Bill Bullock and Stephanie Hasz, to help me get through it. Bill reveals his fear of Stephanie. Stephanie reveals her fear of space travel. They have a conversation about assault vs betrayal during which I just keep my mouth shut. This episode contains traces of Willie Nelson.

Episode 59 - Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz

In this live episode from The Hungry Brain, Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz help me celebrate Thanksgiving by discussing Toronto mayor Rob Ford and abstinence education in Texas. The 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination is handled in the show's usual tasteful manner. The panel reminisces about their own sexual eductation. Monkey birth control is also discussed.

Episode 55 - Stephanie Hasz and Katie McVay

Returning champions Stephanie Hasz and Katie McVay join me for a live episode that needed to have the monologue re-recorded due to technical difficulties. Racist NFL owners and bisexual Disney princesses are in the news, plus menstruating t-shirts make an appearance. Katie knows things about football. Stephanie has an unusual crush on an animated character. Katie and Stephanie disagree about boycotting terrible companies, but unite in their belief in ghosts against me. I don't really have much control over this episode.

Episode 50 - Outtakes - Kiss

A mention of former Chicago Tribune movie critic Dave Kehr leads Nathan Rabin and me down a rabbit hole of Gene Simmons films, and Paul Stanley's autobiography. The movie title we fail to come up with in which Gene Simmons plays the evil hermaphrodite Velvet Van Ragnar is Never Too Young to Die. You can watch the whole fascinating trainwreck here.

Episode 51 - Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz

Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz are my two most frequent guests, but they've never appeared together on an episode...until now. On this special LIVE episode from Chicago's Hungry Brain, we have to sort through the wreckage of yet another gun massacre, plus the Costa Concordia makes a surprise return appearance. Espionage figures are discussed, including an Egyptian stork and Jackson Pollock. Hawai'ian names are pronouced. Clowns are disparaged.

Episode 50 - Stephanie Hasz and Nathan Rabin

Our 50th episode is also one of our most entertaining. First-time guest Nathan Rabin and long-time regular guest Stephanie Hasz join me for a discussion about Miss America, Juggalos, and Vladimir Putin. Our historical relationship with Russia is explained thorugh the filter of Rocky IV and Hawaii Five-O. Tattoos are shared. Speaking ill of the dead is approved of by all guests, and then exemplified by an extended trashing of the works of Michael Crichton. Nathan and I try to out-do one another on obscure 1980s film references, and go deep into the weeds. Stephanie is patient.

Episode 38 - Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz

Frequent guests and good-but-not-great friends Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz have never appeared together on the show, and their pairing results in utter insanity. The sexiness of Elizabeth Warren is discussed. Bob Woodward is explained and defamed again. Sex is Zimbabwe is revealed to be dangerous. Stephanie shares her top sexual fantasy over a multi-year period. Andy reveals a shameful Star Wars secret in his past. My guests share their encyclopedic knowledge of statutory rape laws in multiple states. I hide under the desk for much of this episode.

Episode 26 - Stephanie Hasz and Danny Kallas

Hostess has filed for bankuptcy, Twinkie speculation is running rampant, and Stephanie Hasz and Danny Kallas join me to make sense of it all. On a very food-oriented episode, we cover Danny's love for Olive Garden, Stephanie's dislike of sweets, and my knowledge of kosher Dunkin' Donuts in the area. Stephanie quizzes me about my high school fashion choices, and reveals the only two books she was required to read in high school. Danny gives tips on eating for free. It's all very educational.