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Sonia Denis

Episode 87 - Sonia Denis and Xavier Lamont

It was the week of the protests and riots in Baltimore after the killing of yet another unarmed man by police, capping off a year of terrible misery. Joining me to explain why their black lives matter are Sonia Denis and Xavier Lamont, who talk about their own experiences, both of casual racism and the not-so-casual kind. Both Ben Carson and Barack Obama are included in the discussion, and oddly enough, OJ Simpson. I mostly keep quiet on this episode, because sometimes it's just best to listen.

Episode 56 - Outtakes

I relate an anedote about my daughter asking me to define race that turned into a bit I do, and Sonia, Bill, and I talk about how racially-charged material works with an audience. It's a little too "inside baseball" for the episode itself, but it was an interesting moment.

Episode 56 - Bill Bullock and Sonia Denis

Regular guests Bill Bullock and Sonia Denis return to reveal their secret identities as Information Technology professionals for a discussion of, the failing Obamacare website. The NSA is also in the news as the discussion turns to privacy in the modern age or the lack thereof. Sonia will cut you before telling you if she's single or not. Bill puts his business out on the street. There's also a discussion of Girl Scout cookies as a gateway to lesbianism, and how open mic comedy causes us all to lose faith in humanity.

Episode 46 - Sonia Denis and Charlie Rohrer

It's a week when there's a new Royal Baby and a new panelist on The View, so first-time guest Charlie Rohrer is joined by the canny veteran Sonia Denis to help sort it all out. Charlie doesn't like babies. Sonia doesn't like anyone. Genital-hungry Israeli snakes, Jenny McCarthy and other horrible creatures make an appearance. Sonia reveals her new hit song for next summer, and takes us to the bleakest subject matter we've ever had on the show!

Episode 46 - Outtakes

Here's how you get fired from hosting a national headliner, because you're being an asshole. With Sonia Denis and Charlie Rohrer.

Episode 44 - Sonia Denis and Andy Fleming

Regular panelists Sonia Denis and Andy Fleming are back for a very strange episode in which a discussion of Paula Deen and Rupert Murdoch is delayed so I can explain the plot of Last Tango in Paris and give a brief history of sexual lubricant. Other topics include eyeball licking and breast-milk-flavored lollipops, both of which will haunt your nightmares forever.

Episode 44 - Outtakes

Andy Fleming and I trade stories about novice comedians unclear on the concept. With Sonia Denis.

Episode 17 - Sonia Denis and Rebecca O'Neal

New guest Rebecca O'Neal and returning champion Sonia Denis join me on this episode to discuss the 2012 political conventions, racists in denial, and the South Side of Chicago. Sonia reveals how you get on her blacklist. Rebecca explains how exhaustion trumps her sense of offense. I tell the story of the time I was booed and hissed by an audience with my wife in attendance. It's the episode with our most optimistic ending yet.

Episode 14 - Sonia Denis and Stephanie Hasz

This episode's conversation with Stephanie Hasz and Sonia Denis starts with a discussion of newly-selected GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan, but then descends into talk of cheese curds, horrible spiders, scrubbing toilets without a brush, and ends with a cataloguing of the varieties of sexual aids available on the market. Stephanie really needs to wash her hands more. Sonia will never set foot in Wisconsin. I had dreams of high-minded discourse when I started this podcast. They're all ashes now.