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Rhea Butcher

Episode 23 - Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito

And sometimes, you just want to take a break from news and politics and talk about the movies with your friends. The utterly charming Rhea Butcher returns, accompanied by the no-less-charming Cameron Esposito, to talk about the recent DVD releases The Avengers, Prometheus, andThe Dark Knight Rises. But we also range far and wide, discussing Thelma and LouiseRobocop, Basic Instinct, and Total Recall. Cameron defends Showgirls. Rhea and Cameron both describe hot background extra action in Cruising. Siskel and Ebert it ain't, folks.

Episode 6 - Rhea Butcher and Katie McVay

Rhea Butcher and Katie McVay join me this week for a discussion that starts high-minded and with the best of intentions, but degenerates into topics such as Mitt Romney's state trooper cosplay fetishism, sploshing, toilet wine, and locavore meth.