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Episode 58

Cody does his version of Sam Kinison's history professor in Back to School, only with pre-WWI politics.

Episode 56 - Outtakes

I relate an anedote about my daughter asking me to define race that turned into a bit I do, and Sonia, Bill, and I talk about how racially-charged material works with an audience. It's a little too "inside baseball" for the episode itself, but it was an interesting moment.

Episode 50 - Outtakes - Kiss

A mention of former Chicago Tribune movie critic Dave Kehr leads Nathan Rabin and me down a rabbit hole of Gene Simmons films, and Paul Stanley's autobiography. The movie title we fail to come up with in which Gene Simmons plays the evil hermaphrodite Velvet Van Ragnar is Never Too Young to Die. You can watch the whole fascinating trainwreck here.

Episode 49 - Outtakes

The differences in the homosexual closet between one generation and the next, plus the advantages of the gay wingman.

Episode 48 - Outtakes

The perils of doing a show in an indifferent coffeehouse.

Episode 47 - Outtakes

Ralphie gets a call from his dad.

Episode 46 - Outtakes

Here's how you get fired from hosting a national headliner, because you're being an asshole. With Sonia Denis and Charlie Rohrer.

Episode 45 - Outtakes

Cody Melcher had an effeminate married man come into the hat store where he works. We spend a lot of time creating a rich back story for him and his wife. With Ever Mainard.

Episode 44 - Outtakes

Andy Fleming and I trade stories about novice comedians unclear on the concept. With Sonia Denis.