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Memorial Day

Episode 42 - The Return of the Byrnes Sisters

My sisters previously ruined Christmas, and now they're back to ruin another holiday. Memorial Day usually means cookouts, and on this food-themed show we discuss marijuana-infused bacon, insect-based protein, and how everything gives you cancer. Suzanne makes a brave stand against poisioning one's family. Pepperoni pervert perpetrators make an appearance. My sisters salute our Presidents on Memorial Day with a series of graphic sexual references. They're terrible people.

Episode 4 - James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz

In this episode, James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz join me in an attempt to discuss Wall Street, global finance and the Facebook IPO, but relapses into a discussion of the films of 1982, and geographic errors in movies set in Chicago. Other topics include the oeuvre of Chuck Norris and Zac Efron's golden shower.