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Maggie Ednie

Episode 35 - Maggie Ednie and Michael Ortiz

On a week where the United States government announced it had the right to kill its citizens without trial if they are considered an imminent threat, returning guests Maggie Ednie and Michael Ortiz are very patient with me as I rail about government overreach and sing the praises of the US Postal System. Mike outlines his design for a whale factory farm. Maggie manages to insult all of Asia. I tell stories about stripper tricks that I've never seen, plus we have our usual wrap-up of pornography and bestiality stories. It's a show likely to cause an international incident.

Episode 20 - Maggie Ednie and James Fritz

The dismal first Presidential Debate sends regular guest James Fritz and me into a spiral from which we self-medicate by discussing Texas spanking rules, horse sex, and Koren eunuchs. Maggie Ednie comes along for the ride and shares her disdain for media-baiting scientific studies. James reveals the name of his next podcast. Maggie reveals her favorite superhero. Our Finnish fanbase is repeatedly addressed. This is a very silly episode.