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Katie McVay

Episode 55 - Stephanie Hasz and Katie McVay

Returning champions Stephanie Hasz and Katie McVay join me for a live episode that needed to have the monologue re-recorded due to technical difficulties. Racist NFL owners and bisexual Disney princesses are in the news, plus menstruating t-shirts make an appearance. Katie knows things about football. Stephanie has an unusual crush on an animated character. Katie and Stephanie disagree about boycotting terrible companies, but unite in their belief in ghosts against me. I don't really have much control over this episode.

Episode 16 - Jason Earl Folks and Katie McVay

This episode was recorded on my birthday, and what greater cause for despair is that? Our National Bigfoot Correspondent Jason Earl Folks turns his expert eye to the latest sighting video emerging from Ohio, and Katie McVay joins us because one loud guest isn't enough. Atrocities discussed include anal tattos, Dungeons and Dragons groups who use Star Wars characters, major newsweeklies which no longer fact-check, and Todd Akin.

Episode 6 - Rhea Butcher and Katie McVay

Rhea Butcher and Katie McVay join me this week for a discussion that starts high-minded and with the best of intentions, but degenerates into topics such as Mitt Romney's state trooper cosplay fetishism, sploshing, toilet wine, and locavore meth.