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James Fritz

Episode 48 - Outtakes

The perils of doing a show in an indifferent coffeehouse.

Episode 48 - James Fritz and Zach Peterson

On our very first ever live episode, delivered to a largely indifferent coffeeshop audience at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, we're joined by one of the guests on our very first episode, James Fritz, because sometimes you want a friend when you go skydiving without a parachute. He's joined by the Bard of Nebraska, Zach Peterson, as we run through the week's news, which includes marijuana legalization, NFL concussions, and Syrian diplomacy, only two of which involve brain-damaged people. 

Episode 20 - Maggie Ednie and James Fritz

The dismal first Presidential Debate sends regular guest James Fritz and me into a spiral from which we self-medicate by discussing Texas spanking rules, horse sex, and Koren eunuchs. Maggie Ednie comes along for the ride and shares her disdain for media-baiting scientific studies. James reveals the name of his next podcast. Maggie reveals her favorite superhero. Our Finnish fanbase is repeatedly addressed. This is a very silly episode.

Episode 10 - James Fritz and Bjorn Skaptason

A really fun episode in honor of Independence Day, where Civil War historian Bjorn Skaptason and man-about-town James Fritz discuss the past, the South and the hypocrisy of America. You know, the usual.

Episode 4 - James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz

In this episode, James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz join me in an attempt to discuss Wall Street, global finance and the Facebook IPO, but relapses into a discussion of the films of 1982, and geographic errors in movies set in Chicago. Other topics include the oeuvre of Chuck Norris and Zac Efron's golden shower.

Episode 1 - Adam Burke and James Fritz

Our first episode was intended to be a pilot that never saw the light of day, but then it turned out to be too much fun to keep to ourselves. Comedians Adam Burke and James Fritz join in a discussion that covers Ted Nugent, Scooby-Doo guest stars, Dominique Strauss-Kahn's bodily fluids, and third-party Presidential politics.