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Episode 50

Episode 50 - Outtakes - Kiss

A mention of former Chicago Tribune movie critic Dave Kehr leads Nathan Rabin and me down a rabbit hole of Gene Simmons films, and Paul Stanley's autobiography. The movie title we fail to come up with in which Gene Simmons plays the evil hermaphrodite Velvet Van Ragnar is Never Too Young to Die. You can watch the whole fascinating trainwreck here.

Episode 50 - Stephanie Hasz and Nathan Rabin

Our 50th episode is also one of our most entertaining. First-time guest Nathan Rabin and long-time regular guest Stephanie Hasz join me for a discussion about Miss America, Juggalos, and Vladimir Putin. Our historical relationship with Russia is explained thorugh the filter of Rocky IV and Hawaii Five-O. Tattoos are shared. Speaking ill of the dead is approved of by all guests, and then exemplified by an extended trashing of the works of Michael Crichton. Nathan and I try to out-do one another on obscure 1980s film references, and go deep into the weeds. Stephanie is patient.