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Episode 45

Episode 45 - Ever Mainard and Cody Melcher

On the week where the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, we convene a demographically-accurate all-gay Texan panel of frequent guests Ever Mainard and Cody Melcher, who discuss Rick Perry, Playboy bunny art installations, and how it feels to win one for a change. Ever and Cody perform their "gas station voices." Racist Disney films are discussed. Cody and I debate the end of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Ever reveals the true identity of her father at the end, making this the Empire Strikes Back episode.

Episode 45 - Outtakes

Cody Melcher had an effeminate married man come into the hat store where he works. We spend a lot of time creating a rich back story for him and his wife. With Ever Mainard.