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Dave Stinton

Episode 58

Cody does his version of Sam Kinison's history professor in Back to School, only with pre-WWI politics.

Episode 58 - Cody Melcher, Dave Stinton, and Alexandra Tsarpalas

It's the beginning of the charity season, and your host isn't feeling particularly chartiable. Returning veterans Cody Melcher, Alexandra Tsarpalas, and Dave Stinton are dragged into the cynical mire. Compassion fatigue and inefficient charities are discussed. A what-if scenario is discussed in which Mikhail Baryshnikov rules Russia instead of Vladimir Putin. We are collectively mean to a child with leukemia. All that, plus the horrifying dark side of Flipper!

Episode 12 - Meredith Kachel and Dave Stinton

On a particularly despairing week, I am blessed to have two very thoughtful guests, the charming and delightful Meredith Kachel, and the sensible and reflective Dave Stinton. Topics include Fred Willard, and other movie-related atrocities. Dave unveils his vision of a world ruled by intelligent wombats. Meredith reveals where she keeps her personal letter from Barack Obama. I talk too much, to little avail.