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Caitlin Bergh

Episode 18 - Caitlin Bergh and Ever Mainard

Power couple Caitlin Bergh and Ever Mainard join me for a wide-ranging discussion which encompasses the Chicago teacher's strike, anti-Muslim YouTube videos, crime in the streets, and the evil of Frappucinos. Ever explains the aesthetics of decorative cow skulls. Caitlin has a sensuous relationship with fountain drinks. I'm generally cranky about things.

Episode 2 - Caitlin Bergh and Chad Briggs

This week's episode has Caitlin Bergh and Chad Briggs on the panel, where we tackle the weighty subject of gay marriage. The Minnelli Beard Scale is introduced, and we discuss Geraldo's manual manipulation, John Travolta's unhappy ending, and the 70 Year-Old Virgin.