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Bill Bullock

Episode 93 - Bill Bullock and Stephanie Hasz

It was a week during which in the wake of yet another gun massacre, President Obama got mad instead of sad, and America spent the week shouting at one another. Also, Volkswagen is poisoning the world, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron really likes pork, and even the possiblity of water on Mars doesn't lift the cloud. Luckily I have two of my favorite and most frequent guests, Bill Bullock and Stephanie Hasz, to help me get through it. Bill reveals his fear of Stephanie. Stephanie reveals her fear of space travel. They have a conversation about assault vs betrayal during which I just keep my mouth shut. This episode contains traces of Willie Nelson.

Episode 56 - Outtakes

I relate an anedote about my daughter asking me to define race that turned into a bit I do, and Sonia, Bill, and I talk about how racially-charged material works with an audience. It's a little too "inside baseball" for the episode itself, but it was an interesting moment.

Episode 56 - Bill Bullock and Sonia Denis

Regular guests Bill Bullock and Sonia Denis return to reveal their secret identities as Information Technology professionals for a discussion of, the failing Obamacare website. The NSA is also in the news as the discussion turns to privacy in the modern age or the lack thereof. Sonia will cut you before telling you if she's single or not. Bill puts his business out on the street. There's also a discussion of Girl Scout cookies as a gateway to lesbianism, and how open mic comedy causes us all to lose faith in humanity.

Episode 31 - Bill Bullock and Megan Gailey

It's a week when Notre Dame football is in the news, so who better to bring on the show than Naked Sports Live Host Megan Gailey, and Notre Dame alum Bill Bullock? This marks the first time on the show that I know the least about the subject at hand. We all share on this episode. Bill tells us what it's like to be an African-American student at Notre Dame. Megan tells us about waxing trends among the 20-something generation. I explain to my guests about John Hinckley and Jodie Foster. We all come together to be mean to Lance Armstrong.

Episode 13 - Bill Bullock and Cody Melcher

On a week where The Olympics celebrated the pinnacle of human health and achivement and Chick-Fil-A served up homophobia on a bun, Bill Bullock and Cody Melcher stop by to help me make sense of it all. Cody displays both a rapier wit and an extensive knowledge of rapiers. Bill reveals his encyclopedic knowledge of statutory rape laws in Midwestern states. Indiana is repeatedly disparaged. This episode is brought to you by schadenfreude.