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Andy Fleming

Episode 53 - Andy Fleming, Jason Earl Folks, and Derek Sheen

It's our first-ever three-guest show! Seattle comic Derek Sheen is in town to join stalwart regulars Andy Fleming and Jason Earl Folks on a week where the government has been shut down, giant Chinese wasps fill the air, lizard people roam the streets undetected, and local restaurants are serving blasphemy on a bun, so the show is even more apocalyptic than usual. We learn what American voters believe. Killer bees make a comeback. Jason would prefer to fight a bear. And the latest Bigfoot news, of course. 

Episode 44 - Sonia Denis and Andy Fleming

Regular panelists Sonia Denis and Andy Fleming are back for a very strange episode in which a discussion of Paula Deen and Rupert Murdoch is delayed so I can explain the plot of Last Tango in Paris and give a brief history of sexual lubricant. Other topics include eyeball licking and breast-milk-flavored lollipops, both of which will haunt your nightmares forever.

Episode 44 - Outtakes

Andy Fleming and I trade stories about novice comedians unclear on the concept. With Sonia Denis.

Episode 38 - Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz

Frequent guests and good-but-not-great friends Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz have never appeared together on the show, and their pairing results in utter insanity. The sexiness of Elizabeth Warren is discussed. Bob Woodward is explained and defamed again. Sex is Zimbabwe is revealed to be dangerous. Stephanie shares her top sexual fantasy over a multi-year period. Andy reveals a shameful Star Wars secret in his past. My guests share their encyclopedic knowledge of statutory rape laws in multiple states. I hide under the desk for much of this episode.

Episode 28 - Andy Fleming and Emily Lake

Never has our show's title been more appropriate as on this episode, recorded the day after the Sandy Hook Elementary School gun massacre. Andy Fleming and Emily Lake endure the blast of the angriest opening monologue ever recorded on the show, then help me dissect the arguments that allow these events to happen. And then the episode takes a bizarre and clearly self-medicating detour into Smut Town, as we abandon our contemplation of these horrible events by compulsively telling funny sex jokes. If you want documentary evidence of the therapeutic effect of laugher, this is the one for you.

Episode 19 - Andy Fleming and Natalie Jose

On this episode Andy Fleming and Natalie Jose join me for a particularly biological discussion. Boobs of the Hooters and Kate Middleton variety make an appearance, so to speak, and we wind up the episode sharing childbirth stories. My prostate makes a special guest appearance. Natalie details her unusual work history, and Andy pulls a surprise out of his backpack. Snakes are discussed at some length.