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Alexandra Tsarpalas

Episode 58

Cody does his version of Sam Kinison's history professor in Back to School, only with pre-WWI politics.

Episode 58 - Cody Melcher, Dave Stinton, and Alexandra Tsarpalas

It's the beginning of the charity season, and your host isn't feeling particularly chartiable. Returning veterans Cody Melcher, Alexandra Tsarpalas, and Dave Stinton are dragged into the cynical mire. Compassion fatigue and inefficient charities are discussed. A what-if scenario is discussed in which Mikhail Baryshnikov rules Russia instead of Vladimir Putin. We are collectively mean to a child with leukemia. All that, plus the horrifying dark side of Flipper!

Episode 34 - Alexandra Tsarpalas and Mike Wiley

On a week where North Korea dominated the news, Alexandra Tsarpalas and Mike Wiley come to discuss Pacific Rim geopolitics and the Benghazi hearings, but stay for the more serious matters of unauthorized silicone butt injections in Miami, and "Flamy," the ill-conceived Brazilian hospital mascot for child burn victims. I explain the plot of the 80s classic Red Dawn to my guests. Alexandra is fascinated with Faces of Meth. Amy Poehler's teeth are judged.