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Adam Burke

Episode 59 - Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz

In this live episode from The Hungry Brain, Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz help me celebrate Thanksgiving by discussing Toronto mayor Rob Ford and abstinence education in Texas. The 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination is handled in the show's usual tasteful manner. The panel reminisces about their own sexual eductation. Monkey birth control is also discussed.

Episode 51 - Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz

Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz are my two most frequent guests, but they've never appeared together on an episode...until now. On this special LIVE episode from Chicago's Hungry Brain, we have to sort through the wreckage of yet another gun massacre, plus the Costa Concordia makes a surprise return appearance. Espionage figures are discussed, including an Egyptian stork and Jackson Pollock. Hawai'ian names are pronouced. Clowns are disparaged.

Episode 32 - Adam Burke and James Burke

Regular guest Adam Burke returns, this time accompanied by his brother Jim, for an off-beat episode with an international flair, wherein we sit around and tell stories of travel and journeys. Adam and Jim talk about their early years in Australia, and summer holidays in Spain. Jim has a tale of getting in touch with his inner colonialist in Morocco. Adam explains how he came to live in Dallas. I tell a story about helping to build an online casino in Costa Rica. We all have a grim ferry tale to share.

Episode 29 - Adam Burke and Kenny DeForest

One of our favorite regular guests, Adam Burke, is joined by newcomer Kenny DeForest to help with a recap of 2012. Adam and Kenny share their love of Gangham Style. Fan-favorite subjects Bigfoot and The Girl with the Anal Tattoo make return appearances. Kenny gives his plans for introducing world harmony. Adam unveils his new character, Racist Helen Keller. It's all very tasteful and elegant.

Episode 22 - Ted Alexandro and Adam Burke

Ted Alexandro and Adam Burke are in the studio with me for a surprisingly serious and considered discussion of what gets left out of our national political discourse. I make an argument for mob violence against Wall Street executives. Adam tells us about The Scottish Streaker. Ted explains how thorough the corruption is, and how difficult it is to escape. The show lives up to its title this time around.

Episode 15 - Adam Burke and Dan Telfer

Adam Burke and Dan Telfer join me for a discussion of science, Mars, Wikileaks and Julian Assange, Sally Ride, and our military-industrial complex. Dan tells a story of terror from 1998. Adam is angry about Pussy Riot. If you asked me what my ideal episode of this podcast would sound like when I first started, it would be a lot like this. My guests are smart, engaged, and disagree with me. I'm wrong a lot on this episode.

Episode 11 - Adam Burke and Junior Stopka

On a week where the atmosphere is tense in the wake of a controversy about rape jokes, and the Penn State report is released, I am joined by Junior Stopka, Chicago's comedic id, because sometimes you have to look for the gas leak with a match. The never-disappointing Adam Burke helps to navigate the minefield.

Episode 7 - Adam Burke and Mary Charlene

A special Father's Day edition of This Week in Despair leads to a discussion about parenting both good and bad, with guests Adam Burke and Mary Charlene. Baby-eating dingos, kinky Swedish mothers, and Lindsay Lohan are amongst the topics.

Episode 1 - Adam Burke and James Fritz

Our first episode was intended to be a pilot that never saw the light of day, but then it turned out to be too much fun to keep to ourselves. Comedians Adam Burke and James Fritz join in a discussion that covers Ted Nugent, Scooby-Doo guest stars, Dominique Strauss-Kahn's bodily fluids, and third-party Presidential politics.