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Episode 10 - James Fritz and Bjorn Skaptason

A really fun episode in honor of Independence Day, where Civil War historian Bjorn Skaptason and man-about-town James Fritz discuss the past, the South and the hypocrisy of America. You know, the usual.

Episode 9 - Jessica Byrnes and Kris Simmons

My heavily-medicated sister fills in as a guest alongside the delightful Kris Simmons, and is funny enough in her own right that all future guests may be required to take painkillers. Topics include the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare, Adele, and a surprisingly lengthy discussion of strippers.

Episode 8 - Robert Buscemi and Ever Mainard

Robert Buscemi and Ever Mainard are my guests for this most unusual episode. A discussion of women in comedy veers away from the week's news and into a discussion of bodily fluids you can find in a 24-hour coffee shop.

Episode 7 - Adam Burke and Mary Charlene

A special Father's Day edition of This Week in Despair leads to a discussion about parenting both good and bad, with guests Adam Burke and Mary Charlene. Baby-eating dingos, kinky Swedish mothers, and Lindsay Lohan are amongst the topics.

Episode 6 - Rhea Butcher and Katie McVay

Rhea Butcher and Katie McVay join me this week for a discussion that starts high-minded and with the best of intentions, but degenerates into topics such as Mitt Romney's state trooper cosplay fetishism, sploshing, toilet wine, and locavore meth.

Episode 5 - Michael Ortiz and Dan Ronan

This week, Michael Ortiz and Dan Ronan join me to sift through the entrails of the previous week. Topics include drones, zombies, the North Carolina state legislature, and other mindless entities. The yumminess of whales is discussed.

Episode 4 - James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz

In this episode, James Fritz and Stephanie Hasz join me in an attempt to discuss Wall Street, global finance and the Facebook IPO, but relapses into a discussion of the films of 1982, and geographic errors in movies set in Chicago. Other topics include the oeuvre of Chuck Norris and Zac Efron's golden shower.

Episode 3 - Jason Earl Folks and Stephanie Hasz

This week I'm joined by Jason Earl Folks and Stephanie Hasz on the weekend of the NATO summit in Chicago. Topics include mob violence, Jon Lovitz, the Chicago Cubs ownership, and Bigfoot. A whole lotta Bigfoot.

Episode 2 - Caitlin Bergh and Chad Briggs

This week's episode has Caitlin Bergh and Chad Briggs on the panel, where we tackle the weighty subject of gay marriage. The Minnelli Beard Scale is introduced, and we discuss Geraldo's manual manipulation, John Travolta's unhappy ending, and the 70 Year-Old Virgin.

Episode 1 - Adam Burke and James Fritz

Our first episode was intended to be a pilot that never saw the light of day, but then it turned out to be too much fun to keep to ourselves. Comedians Adam Burke and James Fritz join in a discussion that covers Ted Nugent, Scooby-Doo guest stars, Dominique Strauss-Kahn's bodily fluids, and third-party Presidential politics.