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Episode 20 - Maggie Ednie and James Fritz

The dismal first Presidential Debate sends regular guest James Fritz and me into a spiral from which we self-medicate by discussing Texas spanking rules, horse sex, and Koren eunuchs. Maggie Ednie comes along for the ride and shares her disdain for media-baiting scientific studies. James reveals the name of his next podcast. Maggie reveals her favorite superhero. Our Finnish fanbase is repeatedly addressed. This is a very silly episode.

Episode 19 - Andy Fleming and Natalie Jose

On this episode Andy Fleming and Natalie Jose join me for a particularly biological discussion. Boobs of the Hooters and Kate Middleton variety make an appearance, so to speak, and we wind up the episode sharing childbirth stories. My prostate makes a special guest appearance. Natalie details her unusual work history, and Andy pulls a surprise out of his backpack. Snakes are discussed at some length.

Episode 18 - Caitlin Bergh and Ever Mainard

Power couple Caitlin Bergh and Ever Mainard join me for a wide-ranging discussion which encompasses the Chicago teacher's strike, anti-Muslim YouTube videos, crime in the streets, and the evil of Frappucinos. Ever explains the aesthetics of decorative cow skulls. Caitlin has a sensuous relationship with fountain drinks. I'm generally cranky about things.

Episode 17 - Sonia Denis and Rebecca O'Neal

New guest Rebecca O'Neal and returning champion Sonia Denis join me on this episode to discuss the 2012 political conventions, racists in denial, and the South Side of Chicago. Sonia reveals how you get on her blacklist. Rebecca explains how exhaustion trumps her sense of offense. I tell the story of the time I was booed and hissed by an audience with my wife in attendance. It's the episode with our most optimistic ending yet.

Episode 16 - Jason Earl Folks and Katie McVay

This episode was recorded on my birthday, and what greater cause for despair is that? Our National Bigfoot Correspondent Jason Earl Folks turns his expert eye to the latest sighting video emerging from Ohio, and Katie McVay joins us because one loud guest isn't enough. Atrocities discussed include anal tattos, Dungeons and Dragons groups who use Star Wars characters, major newsweeklies which no longer fact-check, and Todd Akin.

Episode 15 - Adam Burke and Dan Telfer

Adam Burke and Dan Telfer join me for a discussion of science, Mars, Wikileaks and Julian Assange, Sally Ride, and our military-industrial complex. Dan tells a story of terror from 1998. Adam is angry about Pussy Riot. If you asked me what my ideal episode of this podcast would sound like when I first started, it would be a lot like this. My guests are smart, engaged, and disagree with me. I'm wrong a lot on this episode.

Episode 14 - Sonia Denis and Stephanie Hasz

This episode's conversation with Stephanie Hasz and Sonia Denis starts with a discussion of newly-selected GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan, but then descends into talk of cheese curds, horrible spiders, scrubbing toilets without a brush, and ends with a cataloguing of the varieties of sexual aids available on the market. Stephanie really needs to wash her hands more. Sonia will never set foot in Wisconsin. I had dreams of high-minded discourse when I started this podcast. They're all ashes now.

Episode 13 - Bill Bullock and Cody Melcher

On a week where The Olympics celebrated the pinnacle of human health and achivement and Chick-Fil-A served up homophobia on a bun, Bill Bullock and Cody Melcher stop by to help me make sense of it all. Cody displays both a rapier wit and an extensive knowledge of rapiers. Bill reveals his encyclopedic knowledge of statutory rape laws in Midwestern states. Indiana is repeatedly disparaged. This episode is brought to you by schadenfreude.

Episode 12 - Meredith Kachel and Dave Stinton

On a particularly despairing week, I am blessed to have two very thoughtful guests, the charming and delightful Meredith Kachel, and the sensible and reflective Dave Stinton. Topics include Fred Willard, and other movie-related atrocities. Dave unveils his vision of a world ruled by intelligent wombats. Meredith reveals where she keeps her personal letter from Barack Obama. I talk too much, to little avail.

Episode 11 - Adam Burke and Junior Stopka

On a week where the atmosphere is tense in the wake of a controversy about rape jokes, and the Penn State report is released, I am joined by Junior Stopka, Chicago's comedic id, because sometimes you have to look for the gas leak with a match. The never-disappointing Adam Burke helps to navigate the minefield.