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Episode 30 - The Byrnes Sisters

My sisters, Jessica and Suzanne, are my guests this episode with the intention of sharing Christmas memories from our childhood and adulthood, but instead reveal themselves to be horrible, horrible people. Grandmothers are mocked. Nutloaf is discussed. A story is told of enemas purchased in advance of a funeral. All manner of bodily excretions are brought to light. Jane Goodall is disparaged. Mother Teresa is slandered. This is officially the Worst Christmas Episode Ever. It might ruin all future Christmases. Consider this before listening.

Episode 29 - Adam Burke and Kenny DeForest

One of our favorite regular guests, Adam Burke, is joined by newcomer Kenny DeForest to help with a recap of 2012. Adam and Kenny share their love of Gangham Style. Fan-favorite subjects Bigfoot and The Girl with the Anal Tattoo make return appearances. Kenny gives his plans for introducing world harmony. Adam unveils his new character, Racist Helen Keller. It's all very tasteful and elegant.

Episode 28 - Andy Fleming and Emily Lake

Never has our show's title been more appropriate as on this episode, recorded the day after the Sandy Hook Elementary School gun massacre. Andy Fleming and Emily Lake endure the blast of the angriest opening monologue ever recorded on the show, then help me dissect the arguments that allow these events to happen. And then the episode takes a bizarre and clearly self-medicating detour into Smut Town, as we abandon our contemplation of these horrible events by compulsively telling funny sex jokes. If you want documentary evidence of the therapeutic effect of laugher, this is the one for you.

Episode 27 - Anthony McBrien and Nate Simmons

The first of two episodes where our gun culture is discussed, this episode was recorded immediately prior to the Sandy Hook massacre.Anthony McBrien and Nate Simmons join me for a conversation heavy with historic irony as we discuss the gun culture as it relates to the NFL, but also covers Katt Williams's reign of terror in Seattle, the Pope joining Twitter, and a surprising amount of personal hygiene habits. Anthony tells of his surreal experience watching Lincoln. Nate gives us his history of concussions. I mispronounce a name to the delight of my guests.

Episode 26 - Stephanie Hasz and Danny Kallas

Hostess has filed for bankuptcy, Twinkie speculation is running rampant, and Stephanie Hasz and Danny Kallas join me to make sense of it all. On a very food-oriented episode, we cover Danny's love for Olive Garden, Stephanie's dislike of sweets, and my knowledge of kosher Dunkin' Donuts in the area. Stephanie quizzes me about my high school fashion choices, and reveals the only two books she was required to read in high school. Danny gives tips on eating for free. It's all very educational.

Episode 25 - Rachel Baron Singer and Henry Birdseye III

There was a Presidential election this week, but there were far more weightier matters at hand, like the premiere of a new James Bond movie. Ian Fleming expert Rachel Baron Singer and Ian Fleming novice Henry Birdseye III join me for an in-depth discussion of Bond movies past and present. Rachel and I debate the Best Theme Song, Best Title Sequence, and of course, who the best Bond is. Hint: not Roger Moore.

Episode 24 - Drew Michael

Drew Michael and I don't agree on much, politically, but we do agree that we like our periodic spirited discussions, and one another. He joins me for what turns out to be an audio version of My Dinner with Andre, with beastiality jokes. This Very Special Episode is being released deliberately with almost none of my usual editing, to avoid any temptation to tip the scales.

Episode 23 - Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito

And sometimes, you just want to take a break from news and politics and talk about the movies with your friends. The utterly charming Rhea Butcher returns, accompanied by the no-less-charming Cameron Esposito, to talk about the recent DVD releases The Avengers, Prometheus, andThe Dark Knight Rises. But we also range far and wide, discussing Thelma and LouiseRobocop, Basic Instinct, and Total Recall. Cameron defends Showgirls. Rhea and Cameron both describe hot background extra action in Cruising. Siskel and Ebert it ain't, folks.

Episode 22 - Ted Alexandro and Adam Burke

Ted Alexandro and Adam Burke are in the studio with me for a surprisingly serious and considered discussion of what gets left out of our national political discourse. I make an argument for mob violence against Wall Street executives. Adam tells us about The Scottish Streaker. Ted explains how thorough the corruption is, and how difficult it is to escape. The show lives up to its title this time around.

Episode 21 - Jessica Byrnes and Brian Wille

My sister Jessica Byrnes makes a return appearance, accompanied by local man-about-town Brian Wille. The VP debate is quickly discussed and dismissed in favor of Lance Armstrong's testicle, a murder-castration in New York, and the linking of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Flowers in the Attic. Jessica won't stop talking about Danish penises. Mice are disparaged. Iowa is praised.