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Episode 40 - Steve Walker and Brian Wille

This week, Steve Walker and Brian Wille join me for a discussion of bodily horrors, with multiple stories of terrible things being inserted or excreted from a cornucopia of orifices. The revenge of bees, and the 3-D printing of guns also come in for scrutiny. I am accused of working for the NSA. Bad parenting decisions come in for review. Brian is called upon to represent all of Central and South America. No diapers were soiled in the making of this episode.

Episode 39 - Joel Ingersoll

Sometimes the peril of doing a topical show is that you end up processing tragedy in real-time. When my guest Joel Ingersoll agreed to do the show months in advance on a trip through Chicago, he had no idea that he'd be talking about the bombing at the Boston Marathon, which happened just days before we recorded. The result is a conversation that's sometimes sober, sometimes funny, but never dull. We spend a surprising amount of time talking about baseball. I discover the existence of a Minnesota foodstuff with an ethnic slur in its name.

Episode 38 - Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz

Frequent guests and good-but-not-great friends Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz have never appeared together on the show, and their pairing results in utter insanity. The sexiness of Elizabeth Warren is discussed. Bob Woodward is explained and defamed again. Sex is Zimbabwe is revealed to be dangerous. Stephanie shares her top sexual fantasy over a multi-year period. Andy reveals a shameful Star Wars secret in his past. My guests share their encyclopedic knowledge of statutory rape laws in multiple states. I hide under the desk for much of this episode.

Episode 37 - Chad Briggs and Cody Melcher

Our first-ever star-spangled all-Texas panel of Chad Briggs and Cody Melcher demonstrate just what a wide demographic diversity that state really has. It's a week where horsemeat and beauty-pageant show ponies were in the news, as well as the animals behind Girls Gone Wild. Chad and I try once more to discuss our sexual obsession with Debra Winger and Urban Cowboy, but are once again stymied as the conversation turns to Paul Lynde. The sequester and Bradley Manning somehow get worked in there as well.

Episode 36 - Bill Cruz and Sean White

The very entertaining and thoughtful pair of Bill Cruz and Sean White join me to discuss papal conspiracy theories, historically-significant pornography collections of the non-Vatican variety, and sacred jelly. Sean and Bill educate me on TSA security holes. Racist math problems are examined. Bill is a rule-stickler where popes are concerned. Our game of Moral Dilemmas gets very heated over the ethical lessons of Star Trek. We learn yet another reason why one should never live in Las Vegas. It's all very educational.

Episode 35 - Maggie Ednie and Michael Ortiz

On a week where the United States government announced it had the right to kill its citizens without trial if they are considered an imminent threat, returning guests Maggie Ednie and Michael Ortiz are very patient with me as I rail about government overreach and sing the praises of the US Postal System. Mike outlines his design for a whale factory farm. Maggie manages to insult all of Asia. I tell stories about stripper tricks that I've never seen, plus we have our usual wrap-up of pornography and bestiality stories. It's a show likely to cause an international incident.

Episode 34 - Alexandra Tsarpalas and Mike Wiley

On a week where North Korea dominated the news, Alexandra Tsarpalas and Mike Wiley come to discuss Pacific Rim geopolitics and the Benghazi hearings, but stay for the more serious matters of unauthorized silicone butt injections in Miami, and "Flamy," the ill-conceived Brazilian hospital mascot for child burn victims. I explain the plot of the 80s classic Red Dawn to my guests. Alexandra is fascinated with Faces of Meth. Amy Poehler's teeth are judged.

Episode 33 - Meredith Kachel and Joe McAdam

Meredith Kachel and Joe McAdam join me for a particularly free-wheeling episode, where everything from Iranian Space Monkeys to Bedbugs to Hitler's fabled Lost Toilet were in the news. The NRA compiles a ilst of enemies that sounds like a sad Hollywood Squares cast list. A discussion of poisonous vaginas lead to a bad Peter Falk impression. Meredith reminds me why I don't ask my guests questions about their personal lives. Tony Danza is disparaged. Pam Dawber is explained. You'll never watch Sesame Street the same way again.

Episode 32 - Adam Burke and James Burke

Regular guest Adam Burke returns, this time accompanied by his brother Jim, for an off-beat episode with an international flair, wherein we sit around and tell stories of travel and journeys. Adam and Jim talk about their early years in Australia, and summer holidays in Spain. Jim has a tale of getting in touch with his inner colonialist in Morocco. Adam explains how he came to live in Dallas. I tell a story about helping to build an online casino in Costa Rica. We all have a grim ferry tale to share.

Episode 31 - Bill Bullock and Megan Gailey

It's a week when Notre Dame football is in the news, so who better to bring on the show than Naked Sports Live Host Megan Gailey, and Notre Dame alum Bill Bullock? This marks the first time on the show that I know the least about the subject at hand. We all share on this episode. Bill tells us what it's like to be an African-American student at Notre Dame. Megan tells us about waxing trends among the 20-something generation. I explain to my guests about John Hinckley and Jodie Foster. We all come together to be mean to Lance Armstrong.